Smart Phones - Connecting The Wireless World

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Let’s face it. It is almost unthinkable for people to get by a single day without logging onto the World Wide Web for something or another. Online businesses swear by them and local residents depend on wireless services for a cheaper means of communication. In fact, even the computer and cell phone industries depend on online services to make their own products or services look good. For example, one would be hard pressed to find a laptop or Smartphone that doesn’t boast of internet connectivity options.
Since the emergence of Web 2.0 a lot of internet service providers have cropped up claiming to offer several MBs more than what citizens are currently using.

Samsung PhoneWhat are Internet Service Providers?

As the name implies internet service providers (ISP) are organizations that provide access to the internet. Depending on the organization an Internet Service Provider can either be privately owned or for profit or community owned and non profit.


Internet service providers are also popular for offering businesses and common people VoIP services. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a term that is used to refer to communication protocols, methodologies, transmission techniques and related technologies. These processes are involved in delivering multimedia and voice communication sessions over Internet Protocol. As the term suggests, VoIP are used to transport SMS, voice messaging, mail or fax over the internet.

Mobile OS

Also known as a Mobile Operating System a Mobile OS works the same way as a computer OS. Basically it is the software that runs the programs in a mobile device. Each mobile device comes with its own OS that is specific to it and is responsible for the features of the device in question like keyboard functions, WAP, text messaging, emails and others. Examples include –

Windows Mobile

A lot of wireless operators offer the Windows Mobile Platform on a range of devices. Notable brands like Dell, HP and Motorola Palm also include Windows Mobile.

Girl With Tablet

Android is a Linux based system that is now owned by Google that improved upon the OS by making it an open source platform. This made it so popular that the OS has also been adapted to work on Tablet PCs.
Other Mobile Operating Systems include Palm OS, Mobile Linux and MXI. Some of them like Mobile Linux are designed for high end phones with large amounts of memory and powerful processors.

Mobile Devices

The mobile devices of today are multifunctional marvels of epic proportions and it is easy to see why. Most of them host a wide range of applications for both the businessman and local consumer alike. For example, the most notable brands offer a plethora of other applications besides text messaging like web browsing software, customizations and work documents to name a few.
In this way, mobile technology has become an extension of the common desktop PC. The term itself is used to donate portable devices that allow users access to the internet on the go. Some of the most popular are as follows –

AndriodSmart Phones

These go without saying. Smart phones are a combination of PCs and mobile phone technology and have come a long way since they became common household names. Other than providing users with staple calls and text messaging services Smart Phones are designed to store information and install software. Some of the most sought after Smart Phone brands include the iPhone, Blackberry, Sony Ericson, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola as well as others of the type.

Tablet PCs

A tablet PC is a type of notebook computer. It comes with an LCD screen that can be written on by using a stylus. The written text can either remain as handwritten text or be converted to standard digital text through handwriting recognition technology. 

Sprint Mobile

Sprint is the third largest wireless communication company in the US. It also happens to be one of the largest carriers of internet traffic in the country with a Tier 1 internet perks, digital global network and a wide range of wireless networks. Sprint also offers wireless voice and data transmission services.

Boost Mobile
Boost MobileBoost Mobile is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands. It offers wireless phones and services without having to restrict users through any long term contracts. The brand offers monthly unlimited with Shrinkage no contract services. In other words, the more users stay the less will they have to pay for text messaging, voice, Web and email.