Latest Way To Accessorize Phones & Tablets

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Mobile phones and tablet computers are some of the most personal items that an individual carries with them. These two gadgets at times hold all the necessary and personal information about you; hence you develop a personal connection with them. However, once placed on a dinner table, you may not be able to identify your personal belonging from others of the same model. And the need to stand out has given room for numerous mobile phone and tablet accessories.

Mobile Covers
This trend of accessorizing your gadgets with the help of different phones and tablet pouches, skin covers and carry cases has even led the big guns in the fashion industry like Versace, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and numerous others to launch mobile phone and tablet covers and accessories. These accessories not only enable you to own your gadget in every which way but also provide protection against scratches and breakage risks. Following are some great solutions for adding that personal touch to your most indispensable gadgets:

Pouches and Covers

This might seem quite obvious, but pouches and covers are no longer limited to boring monotone carry cases which simply protect your gadgets. There are numerous options available in various color profiles. So whether you are a fan of a particular star, a sports team or even a cartoon character; show your support by endorsing your favorite characters and teams. You can also purchase plain pouches and then create your own story by writing a favorite quote or your personal details or whatever else your creative mind may come up with. You can also get customized covers based on your own specifications.

Bluetooth Headset

This is a great option for giving someone a present or personalizing your own gadgets. Simply take your phone or tablet to an engraving service and own your gadget for life. However, on the downside, you may not be able to sell the phone for a good price, with the original cover being engraved, but if you are not in the habit of switching phones or tablets occasionally, then it does provide the personal touch without going too flashy.  You don’t necessarily have to engrave your name or initials on it, you can engrave the name of your favorite personality, the logo of your favorite team or get a small message engraved to add a personal touch to a present.


Bedazzling is one trend which has been in fashion for quite some time and has no intentions of fading anytime soon. You too can bedazzle your phone or tablet by adding rhinestones and gems to it. There are numerous how-to tutorials available online to help you spice up your gadget. There are many readymade phone covers available in the market too that can easily be purchased. If you like to make strong statements, then adding sparkly to your gadget may just be the way to do it.

Tablet Cover

You don’t have to limit your creativity to donning your phones and tablets with different phone covers and pouches. You can also add other personalized accessories to lift up the look. Purchase a hands-free in a contrasting color or simply add a small charm to your phone. There are many ways you can add little details to your gadgets. There are many customized earphones available in the market too, with small detailing on the ear pieces.  You can also buy tablet or phone holders in different styles or contrasting colors.

Carry Alls

There is no reason why your mobile phone and tablet can’t travel in style. Purchase a small kit or pouch for your phone accessories like chargers, cables, hands-free devices and earphones for travel purposes. This will not only personalize your gadgets and their accessories, but will be easier to carry and convenient to locate.

Wireless EmporiumThere are many online stores like Wireless Emporium, that make it easier than ever to shop through thousands of different styles of pouches and covers. These are some of the many ways how you can treat your phones and tablets with the pampering and personalization that they deserve. So do not restrict yourself to wallpapers and crazy ringtones, make your gadgets presence felt wherever you go.